The girl was light to all of my dark,

She never gave me her name...

The girl's touch afire with sparks,

of a fire that heats without flame.

The girl was the anti to my mistakes,

Her face embedded beyond my brain.

A lost way found, a memory retraced,

A bleach to clean my darkest stain.

The girl got trapped behind mirrors glass,

and all that she was began to wane.

She fell deeper into the reflections' cracks,

I almost lost her to the paign.

I splayed my hands over the cold mirror,

and three times called her name.

Forcing all within me to shine now clearer,

To lead her back from my pain.

She came, and was saved, and was angel to me.

The fire to unite with my rain.

The girls' hand found mine, her soul found me,

and together, at last, we gained!

But then I awoke, and the dream turned smoke,

and I couldn't remember her name.

I knew it once, though I never heard it spoke,

For she had never told me her name.


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