I think I hear a voice.

Behind me in the distance.

Saying something I can't quite catch.

I swear I hear a voice.

Something about forgiveness.

A fantasy I'll never get.

I know I hear a voice.

Calling me from the distance.

Reminding me of what I left.

I think it's HER voice.

screaming about repentance,

trying to unwind regrette.

I swear it's HER voice.

The one I never mentioned.

The one I try to forget.

I know it's HER voice.

It slumbers all my serpents,

and quickens all my breaths.

I turn to face HER.

Her eyes destroy my curses.

Her smile implodes my chest.

...such a holy, sad smile.

Frost on a sun's surface

where the sleeping pheonix rests.

...The past revives to life.

What I wouldn't give to purchase

it's means to ressurrect.


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