The Founders!

Tyler Fincher


Carl Vahldieck










Who are We?

Electric Remedy is made up of several people with different skills sets with one enormous similarity:

We are all insanely creative.


We are Web Designers. We are actors, and screen writers. We are programmers, and poets.

We are thinkers.

We are creators.

And we all believe that the greatest accomplishment is to leave behind something better than yourself. We don't create products. We create legacy's.

Are we too bold?

Nothing is too bold when it comes to the formation of an idea. Everything else must come second to that original thought.

Content should serve the Concept. Not the other way around.

Of course we understand the necessity of pivotal forms and mandatory elements.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and other tried and true Web Developing strategies are not neglected. We find that once you crown the idea as king, alll subjects relevant to the rise of that idea will weave seamlessly into it.

Call us or Email us. Initial Conversation is always free. We don't believe in blind faith. Tell us about your business or creative needs and we'll make you into a believer that we are the best ones to remedy them.

After one talk..

.you'll know.






Our Nature










This company began as a stack of Intellectual Property of Tyler Fincher.

Video game concepts, the code behind them, screen plays, novels, poems, Web Site

layouts, html blue prints, Company Ideas, and mass amounts of scribbled drawings

and rambling essays. Tyler Fincher met Carl Vahldieck while working as a painter

at Focus4Inc, a company that paints heavy duty construction equipment in Davenport


They quickly became friends. After working together through grueling 100

hour work weeks they came to realize that they had more to offer to the world than

painting bull dozers. Tyler Shared his notes with Carl, and they began

conceptualizing a company that would perform any function in the digital world.

There would be no lines between their ideas, and every product of those ideas

would have a place somewhere in the confines of this new company. Movies, Video

Games, Web Site Development, Literature, Advertising, Web Applications, Mobile

Applications-They would encompass it all beneath one roof where every original

idea could be given air and life with which to live and breathe and flourish.

Tyler and Carl both held the view that there is no power greater in this

universe than the power of creation. They realized that entertainment as it was

could become something so much more enlightening. They wanted to enlighten anyone

laying eyes and mind on any of their products. The reason being out of the hope

that if inspiration occured that it could in turn trigger a new original idea in

the brain of the one inspired.

In short, Electric Remedy creates to help you create. Fire is kindled

from fire. From our minds to yours, and yours to ours, we can work together to

create something truely beautiful. Something better than we are that will burn a

torch of enlightenment for all those that come behind us.


That they too might be inspired toward something greater.



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