Lapping Waters

I give up the world just to fight it.

In spite of my hope I deny myself.

Refusing to see light unless I sight it,

within the jewels of inner wealth.

Killing the sculptures of meaning.

Looking for answers amidst the rubble.

Waiting to wake up from this feeling,

that I'll never escape this bubble.

Hating clocks, and fearing wheels,

and feeling things that pens can't say.

Hoping stops where thought meets real,

like night stops at first lights' day.

All the eyes watch, and all the tears fall,

and drop inside my soul with splashes.

Drowning the fish that ever call

out their liquid lullaby dances.

Music in the waters of our sorrow,

ripples the surface with painted pains.

Eddying outwards towards tomorrow,

and cycling back to lap again.

Is this laughter my laughter?

Are these tears of hurt or joy?

Was my life intended to find some answer,

Or by its question be destroyed?

Wrestling with ghosts of who I was,

battling all the darkness that I am,

clutching to death all I love,

until all is dust inside my hand.

Every mirror is a cage of guilt

they trap me there for hours.

Staring at the man we built,

The world and I, with our powers.

I'm stronger now than I was then,

but I'm much too hard to hold a flower.

Inside my mind now errects this fence,

From choices fruits past devoured.


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