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The Tale: "That was my God Damned Horse!"

The lone knight screamed into the starry skies, as the snow patted to the wooded lands around him.
McDoogles was gone.
everywhere he went he left nothing but death
left nothing in the heart of that knight but one thing...
You are now that knight.
McDoogles has taken away everything from you
Are you the kind of person that will allow him to get away with that!?

"Damn you McDoogles..."

Instructions: the knight can move one square in any direction from where he is provided there is not an obstacle in his path. When you click on an adjacent monster you begin fighting it and must use the buttons in your character bar to choose how you will battle it. Pay attention to your stats(life aura etc.) To equip new items you find, simply click on them in your inventory window and it will equip it. Food is necessary for survival, and should you run out you may starve to death. Runing away should only be employed if death is imminent, and should you be lucky enough to escape you will probably drop some bones(bones is the currency in Grid Knight). Clicking on Magic will use whatever spell you currently have equipped, just as fight will attack with whatever sword or weapon you are holding at the time. The talk option is used only when enemies have the capacity to talk, which in these demos, none of them do once combat has started so dont try using it. Item will use whatever potion you have selected in your item slot and once used it is gone. heal potions restore Life, so stocking up on a few is never a bad idea. When you kill monsters you gain exp and bones. With experience you gain levels and grow stronger, and are able to choose between 3 primary abilities-strength for attack and damage; wisdom for magic power, and aura points; and vitality for life. With bones you can spend them in the town to buy better equipment.